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The River (1997)

Drama 1h 55m

The 14th edition of Perspectives Film Festival presents: Revolutionary Second Taiwanese New Wave director Tsai Ming-liang’s delicately crafted film for horny people with neck and nuclear family problems.

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A normal life accompanies Hsiao-Kang, played by Lee Kang-sheng, a consistent muse for director Tsai Ming-liang’s films. That is, until an abnormal soreness in his neck becomes the bane of his existence after filming in a dirty river. This irritating soreness quickly regresses into an incapacitating one. As a creeping sense of helplessness overwhelms the young man, it gradually takes root in his dissolving family unit, their relationships beginning to rapidly break down as shocking and taboo secrets threaten their false sense of normalcy.


Tsai Ming-liang


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